why create a will with myWILL?

Without a will, the State has complete control over what happens to your children, your pets, your finances and everything you own.

One of the biggest myths concerning Wills is that you need a large net worth. Not true. Even the smallest estates need a Will to avoid the State taking over and deciding who receives what, and who takes care of your minor children.

Some benefits of creating a Will with myWILL:

  • You decide who will receive anything you own
  • You decide who will take care of your children, pets or anyone in your care
  • You save your loved ones expensive probate costs trying to collect your things
  • You pay only a small fee ($8.99) for a will that may otherwise have cost you upwards of $150.00-$700.00
  • It takes only minutes of your time
  • You can create it right from your mobile device in the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are!