how to

Steps to create a Will with myWILL:

  1. DOWNLOAD the myWILL APP (HERE) and open on your device
  2. ANSWER the 22 easy questions
  3. PREVIEW your will
  4. REVISE – Go back to the questions and make changes if needed.
  5. TRANSPORT – Once you have a document you are happy with, send to email or directly to your printer.
  6. SIGN – Read the instructions carefully.  The instruction page will be the first page of your transported or printed in your document. Sign and witness your will as instructed.
  7. SAFE KEEPING – Keep your will in a safe place and let a trusted friend or relative know where the original is kept.
  8. SHARE – Now share your experience with all your phone contacts, Facebook friends, linked-in profiles, on twitter, on instagram or simply call your friends and loved one and urge them to create their will with myWill app.
  9. OPTIONAL – Would you like a FREE REVIEW of your will created on myWILL?
    Email HERE (Don’t forget to attach your will to the email)